About Us

I-TRAIN is an online, interactive comprehensive training system originally created in 2013 when a small team of experts discovered training to be the biggest hurdle in the day-to-day operations of Medicaid Waiver Providers. From hiring quality trainers, finding room in the budget for their salaries, coming up with backup plans when someone could not make the standard training time, it was apparent providers were in over their heads with wasting time, money, and resources.

In an industry where turnover is high, funds are low, and the need for quality staff is extreme, a system to make DSP training more cost effective and time efficient was an imminent need. The I-TRAIN team determined online training was the answer and began to brainstorm how to execute. Avoiding contracts, focusing on state-specific training, and bringing an innovative approach were the goals in developing the system.

Unlike other systems, I-TRAIN is not a set of PowerPoints or videos presented in links for the trainee to sift through, but rather a comprehensive system built on interactive, media based modules. I-TRAIN’s head writer was a DSP for better than a decade, worked many years as a QMRP, received a degree in education, and most notably has a brother with a profound disability for whom he is the guardian of. In addition to collectively over 80 years of experience in this field, other writers hold distinct degrees such as Master’s in Business Administration, Master of Healthcare Administration, Licensed Social Worker, and Master of Social Work. The system’s state-specific, DSP driven content and the way in which it is delivered through the interactive modules set it apart from any options available today nationwide.