About Us

Welcome to I-TRAIN™! This innovative and exciting approach to Direct Support Professional training has been designed to allow the most accurate training to employees while making it cost effective for Providers. Opposed to offering a smorgasbord of topics which may or may not coincide with your state regulations, I-TRAIN™ focuses on what your state mandates DSPs to train on.

Our out of the classroom tutorial will engage trainees in the knowledge they need to proficiently carry out the significant duties of their job. We invite employees and employers to experience the power of this online training program.

Through interactivity and the ability to easily navigate the training modules, employees will have all of the information needed to succeed at their fingertips. I-TRAIN™ 's goal is to equip Direct Support Professionals with the content needed to accurately carryout their job duties and the empowerment to take that comprehension to make a difference in the lives of those they serve.


I-TRAIN™ 's vision is to live, excel and provide quality on-line training while empowering employees to make a difference through their everyday job duties.


The mission of I-TRAIN™ is to identify, qualify, and deliver training solutions to Direct Support Professionals while providing an easy to navigate and innovative training tutorial that will lead to positive outcomes for employers.

Statements for Surveying Process

The team at Aglet Solutions™, LLC continually monitors the regulations set by each state to ensure I-TRAIN™ 's content is reflective of those requirements. Bulletins are sent to and analyzed by the Aglet Solutions team as soon as they are released. Annually, I-TRAIN™ is reviewed by writers and advisors to make sure information is up to date and still effective. A printed version of I-TRAIN™ 's modules is available upon request in Powerpoint format. It is recommended I-TRAIN™ be used for competency testing on basic knowledge, but that each provider (a) must complete consumer specific training to connect the dots between theory and practice and (b) include hands-on training to learn the practical aspects of service (i.e. supervised med passes, etc.).